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We're on The Thrillist's Best BBQ in San Francisco List!

We're honored to be listed as one of the best BBQ spots in all of San Francisco. Thanks Thrillist!


Barbecue is so messy that it really should be an outdoor affair, after all, so a barbecue truck seems like a natural fit. Try out the Cally Bowl with beans, bacon aioli, a fried egg, and Santa Maria-style chicken, or brisket nachos. You can follow the truck on Twitter -- it’s definitely easier than driving a Tesla to Lockhart, Texas.




The Boneyard'S Nachos Featured on KTVU's Friday Night Food!

May 2015

KTVU came out to Off the Grid's Friday Night Food, and we were delighted to introduce them to our favorite way to do nachos. Thanks guys!


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Appthetable was kind enough to do a full write up on our truck, calling us "San Francisco Style BBQ Pioneers." Thanks Appthetable, we hope you enjoyed the food as much as we loved serving it!

The Boneyard Truck team

The Boneyard has revolutionized San Francisco barbecue during their third summer in the city. They have pioneered “San Francisco Style BBQ” by drawing inspiration from barbecue dishes around the nation. Robby Armstrong from the Boneyard sat down to tell us about the truck’s humble beginnings and how they became so successful. The Boneyard gained a “cult-y” following of people who valued their consistently high quality food; amazingly, this started when they only served meat, bread, and sauce. Owner Rich Mainzer grew up in the city and worked as an environmental engineer until his hunger for great barbecue inspired him to create something beautiful and he decided to break into the food truck scene. After reading such amazing reviews, we were eager to try this revolutionary barbecue. We ordered the ribs, nachos, and a pulled pork slider. After eating there, we definitely understood the Boneyard following. The ribs were perfectly seasoned and fell of the bone… absolute perfection. The nachos were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted… they’re made with smoked beef brisket, BBQ beans, pepperjack cheese, fresh tomato salsa, BBQ sauce, SPICY BACON AIOLI (yes… bacon aioli), and a hunk of guacamole all on top of a bed of tortilla chips. If you aren’t already convinced to go find the truck, the pictures should do the trick.


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Check out SF Eater's Essential Food Trucks for Summer — this list is bound to get you hungry!.Thanks SF Eater, we're happy we made the list!

SF Eater - 10 Essential San Francisco Trucks for Summer

Food trucks may have been considered a fad in the early days, but it's pretty clear that they're not going away anytime soon. From creative takes on vegan food to a Filipino/Mexican mashup, this city's food trucks know no limits. So, now that the days are longer and the weather might be summery (every now and then), head out to the street for some adventurous food. For those not looking for a scavenger hunt, check out one of Off the Grid's many food truck gatherings or head over to SoMA StrEat Food Park to find everything in one place.

The Boneyard is a bonanza of smoked meats, featuring brisket nachos, bbq bowls and the "pulled over," a sandwich with pulled pork, cole slaw, spicy bacon aioli and a fried egg. The Bay Area's not known for its BBQ, but this truck will satisfy the itch of many a meat-lover.


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Our family and truck was featured by "Bring them Along," a blog dedicated to  "finding the balance between having kids and not always wanting to do kid-oriented stuff." Thanks guys, we have a lot of fun doing what we do!

The Boneyard Truck on Bring Them Along

Richard and Aleah Mainzer started their truck with their kids in mind. A true family business, you can find the Mainzer kids helping out (on non-school days) taking orders, dreaming up recipes, and working the kitchen line.

“One of the reasons we started it was to be a family business,” said Aleah Mainzer.

Much of The Bone Yard’s menu is based around the tastes of their two children, Callahan and Hunter. “If they didn’t like it we had to change it because we wanted to feed them too.”





February 2014

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We were excited to have a cameo in AT&T's commercial for the Toggle: